Ship Management and Marine Survey

WHIZMarine is a complete web based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application for the maritime industry.

WHIZMarine includes the following solutions:

  • Vessel Management - Complete control on monitoring safety management, audits, non-conformities, incidents, and near-misses.
  • Crew Management - Comprehensive module that manages recruitment and training of crews, payment of wages (payroll), performance management, document management, travel and repatriation, sign-in and sign-off, and performance appraisals.
  • Procurement Management - Total supply chain management including Supply Requisitions (SR), Request For Quotations (RFQ), business to business electronic commerce, central purchasing and inventory control
  • Repair & Planned Maintenance Management - Comprehensive planned machinery maintenance and vessel repair module records all the related information, schedules, alerts, and manages all data pertaining to work performed on vessel by the crew or third party contractors.
  • Maritime Survey Management - Complete survey business management of vessel statutory and class surveys and endorsements, issue short-term/interim/full-term certificates, survey and class status monitoring, document control, surveyor management, job management, pricing control and invoicing.
  • ISM + Document Management - Complete control of certification to ISM requirements, continuity of compliance and integrated safety, quality and information system. This module also takes care of document version control, distribution control, and dynamic form creation from the checklists. System also can automate training sessions, preparation of quiz, and evaluation of trainees
  • Stores Control - Complete control on stores.
  • Spare Parts Control - Complete control on spare parts
  • Drydocking - Creation of dry-docking report, RFQ, price analysis, and job monitoring

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