Supplier Relationship Management

WHIZTEC Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) solution uses role- and relationship-based rules to help you manage your procurement process in real-time. This collaboration within and outside your business optimizes the relationship with your suppliers, allowing you to react efficiently to forecasting anomalies, rapid demand changes, and supply chain interruptions. Manage your business process through real-time collaboration during design, demand, production, and distribution planning.

WHIZTEC SRM Key Benefits:

  • Reduce material costs by directing your spend to key suppliers.
  • Improve inventory turns while maintaining or increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Respond more efficiently to customer demand.
  • Respond rapidly to supply chain interruptions with exception management alerts.
  • Centralized location for all vendor related information that provides an overview of the vendor.
  • Vendor report card, with simple indicators (red/yellow/green) and scores, accessible to all departments, so a vendor can rapidly be vetted.
  • Store and link certifications/audit history/licenses/approvals/contracts/supplier agreements/NDAs.
  • Vendor delivery and quality performance.
  • Manage discount structure with the vendor, price lists.
  • Master calendar with alerts of planned trips to vendors, visits from vendors, vendor trainings.
  • Vendor purchase history, lead time, email conversation history.