Social Responsibility

An important part of our mission is our commitment to sharing responsibility for the world in which we operate.

WHIZTEC is committed to ethical business conduct.
As a company, we understand that only by upholding the highest level of business ethics and personal integrity can we achieve and sustain long-term business excellence. For this reason, integrity is a core value for WHIZTEC from its inception.

WHIZTEC is committed to doing its part to eradicate poverty from the society.
We provide support to innovative programs that have potential for replication, address community needs and are closely aligned with our corporate goals. Our philanthropic activities may include traditional financial support, annual charity contributions, employee volunteers, technical expertise, free education and training, cancer patient relief programs, and collaborative partnerships with non-profit organizations.

WHIZTEC is committed to doing its part to protect the environment.
From our environmentally-focused activities to our earth-friendly corporate culture, WHIZTEC strives to conduct a successful, profitable business in a responsible manner that does not harm our planet.

WHIZTEC uses the following green practices:

  • Developing software with agile approaches.
  • Traditional development approaches often mean missed customer expectations, poor quality, and complex solutions that over-shoot customer needs.

With agile development, our cycle times are reduced from quarters to weeks, rapid adjustment to customer feedback happens regularly, we avoid building unnecessary features to drive upgrades, and testing is moved to the front of the cycle.

Establishing software development centers in rural areas. Rural areas account for large area of Malaysia and India. While urban people often believe rural areas would be just farms and forests, the reality is quite different. Rural areas in South India, for example, are characterized by large number of professional colleges, trained IT manpower and excellent telecom infrastructure. WHIZTEC has taken initiatives in establishing rural-software development centers in South India and Malaysia hiring high-skilled workers who otherwise would leave rural areas to find work in the city.

Delivering software services via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). WHIZTEC uses Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model which offers a two punch combination to carbon dioxide emission reductions. The first punch is purely from the economies of scale realized from centralized processing and a shared services model. Instead of thousands of customers individually operating thousands of servers and the power hungry facilities to support those servers, the SaaS multi-tenant model centralizes data center operations to use less equipment and a small fraction of the supporting facility costs. When you recognize that supporting facility costs outweigh the cost and emissions production of the servers and related computer equipment you get a handle on how material this savings really is. The second punch to carbon dioxide emissions is born by the data center operator via thoughtful decision making and a desire for improved power consumption, cooling efficiency and equipment density.

Our data center partner is a Carbon Neutral company certified through TerraPass, Inc. (
WHIZTEC utilizes the latest technologies to reduce the amount of electricity we use. Many of the light fixtures in our offices use Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL). CFLs use 50-80% less energy than incandescent light bulbs.
We also only use flat screen LCD monitors. LCDs typically use approximately 30% of the power of similar CRTs while reducing eye-strain and heat load. Another benefit of LCD monitors is that they do not emit harmful radiation unlike CRT monitors. Finally, LCD monitors contain less heavy metals such as lead and mercury than CRT monitors, which is better for the environment when the monitors reach the end of their lifecycle.

Selling software through word-of-mouth and internet. We encourage our satisfied customers to recommend our services to colleagues and friends, using word-of-mouth techniques and on web-based social networks. We find this marketing highly effective and efficient. We just keep innovating to make our customers happy and make sure that they get maximum return on their investments. We do not spend much of our energy into wondering how to sell our services as all our customers quickly turn into our best sales people to create pull for our services. This is our unique selling proposition (USP).

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