Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management (SCM) involves the flow of material, information and finance in a network consists of customers, suppliers, manufacturers, logistics providers and distributors. SCM is the science and art of making sure that right stuff at the right place at the right time - to lower costs and to create value.

WHIZTEC Supply Management Solutions provide advanced tools and intelligence to drastically reduce supply management costs. WHIZTEC is dedicated to making sure that our customers meet or exceed their business goals and targets. WHIZTEC delivers comprehensive solutions, expertise, and the support required for the success of supply organizations. WHIZTEC has concentrated exclusively on helping companies streamline their supply chains to achieve lower costs, higher profits and happier customers. We build our knowledge of supply chain optimization every day so that we can bring our customers the best possible solutions for their needs.

WHIZTEC's solutions cover the entire supply management life cycle:

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In an age of intense competition, supply chain efficiency and adaptability are not just requirements for success. They are necessities for survival. Contact us or email for more details.