Transportation Management

WHIZTEC Transportation Management (TMS), part of WHIZTEC business suite for the shipping and logistics industry, WHIZeCargo, software for the future of supply chain. It delivers robust transportation planning, transportation procurement, and execution capabilities to shippers and third party logistics providers. It integrates and streamlines transportation planning, execution, freight payment, and business process automation on a single application across all modes of transportation, from full truckload to complex multi-modal air, ocean, road, and rail shipments. A TMS is one of the most effective tools to control the costs of the 'last mile' of a supply chain environment.

WHIZTEC transportation planning module helps the user select the best modes of transportation and carriers to fulfill transportation requirements, while leveraging savings opportunities through consolidation. It generates intelligent supply chain management and plans and reduces shipping costs in everything from mode and carrier selection and shipment consolidation to vehicle routing and scheduling.

WHIZTEC transportation procurement help you determine the best combination of bids to minimize costs across the transportation network, while satisfying constraints such as price, service level, shipper/carrier requirements, volume discounts, and lane bundling opportunities. By optimizing the carrier bid process, you can reduce procurement expense, improve transportation service, and gain greater visibility into transportation demand.

In the transportation execution phase, shipping plans are carried out with optional packing, generation of carrier labels, load confirmation and preparation of important shipping documents such as airway bill/bill of lading/waybill, ASN, or certificate of origin. Preparing shipments manually is labor intensive and error prone. Inaccurate manifests cause major shipping bottlenecks. Automating execution with electronic document generation significantly reduces your risk and cost while increasing throughput and compliance.

For many companies, reconciliation presents a challenge because of the high shipment volume and the complexity of trying to determine and appropriately apply all of the contract freight rate rules to each shipment. WHIZTEC TMS automates freight audits, freight payments and claims management. It is easy for the user to analyze and compare freight bills to the calculated estimates, monitor and manage carrier performance

TMS module can be integrated with WHIZTEC Warehouse Management module to take care of normal warehousing or complex 3PL operations. Other modules integrated with TMS are Fleet Management, Document Management, Reverse Logistics, Live Reporting and Dashboard capabilities, EDI/XML/Web Services capabilities, Invoice Auditing and Reconciliation, WHIZTEC Financials integration, multi-location Shipment Management, multi-carrier management (rates, service, destination, origin), consolidations, real time tracking/tracing, automation of processes and security.

WHIZTEC Transportation Management lowers transportation costs, improves customer service and asset utilization, and provides flexible, global fulfillment options. Regardless of your size or the volume of your business, WHIZTEC Transportation Management delivers the capabilities you need in an open-standards-based architecture that allows you to start with a single component or any mix of components and also gives you the flexibility to grow easily, without installing or reinstalling added functionality.

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