Distribution Management

Companies are shifting to more advanced distribution management processes as increasing competition and dis-intermediation concerns grow. These trends are driving changes in distributors' business relationships and processes. Customer service expectations are also expanding. Major customers and vendors are requiring specific service-level agreements and compliant technology business processes.

WHIZTEC offers a powerful technology platform that gives distributors the critical resources they need to manage every aspect of their business, from order entry and procurement to sophisticated inventory and shipment management. Our distribution software improves sales performance and efficiency, cuts costs and reduces lead times, creates and links purchase orders to sales orders automatically, cuts inventory costs and optimizes stock between warehouses. Automating business processes at each touch point — from order capture to inventory replenishment — helps streamline diverse tasks and simplify business intelligence-gathering. With an integrated distribution process, your company can better manage information and materials while controlling costs and performance. Efficient supply-chain management is essential for meeting customer demands. With an integrated IT infrastructure and a Web-based approach for cross-business communication, your company can operate effectively in an increasingly complex global supply chain. Portals offer greater visibility into product availability and delivery data, while Web-based storefronts simplify selling, improve accuracy, and increase delivery speed. WHIZTEC flexible inventory applications help streamline purchasing, order-processing, and inventory management. These tightly integrated solutions can include the use of bar codes and scanners or RFID to maintain accurate, real-time inventory data, thereby further reducing errors. A powerful IT environment helps warehouse management employees optimize layout, picking methods, and movement to secure an efficient product flow throughout the warehouse.

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