Supply Chain Visibility

To respond quickly to consumer demands, you must have a consistent view of your operations. That requires visibility across your supply chain in order to improve your decision making processes. Greater supply chain visibility will give government agencies and ports the information they need to focus on suspect shipments, analyze risk and track terrorists in the case of an event. A lack of visibility and process control create customer service inefficiencies, excess inventory, high transportation costs, and poor productivity for supply chain logistics, buyers and accounts payable staff.

WHIZTEC Supply Chain Visibility (SCV) solution connects importers and exporters with their overseas suppliers, logistics providers, brokers and carriers to communicate purchase order, shipment and inventory information and to support collaborative logistics processes. WHIZTEC offers your organization a web based application to get a complete view into all of your supply chain functions, including planning, procurement, fulfillment, replenishment and logistics. These solutions offer easy-to-use reporting dashboards and performance scorecards that help you detect trends and conduct predictive analysis for business planning. With WHIZTEC SCV, you can efficiently manage your supply chain from order to warehouse receipt and proof-of-delivery. Using sophisticated event management and alerting capabilities, you can focus your efforts and take corrective action before delivery issues arise.

With Supply Chain Visibility, your organization can:

  • Lower carrying costs
  • Improve demand accuracy
  • Increase inventory turns
  • Reduce disruptive fluctuations in your supply chain
  • Enhance relationships with partners, suppliers and vendors

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