Demand Planning/Forecasting

The hallmarks of today's business environment are volatile demand, decreased customer loyalty, shorter product life cycles, and tougher global competition. To survive, organizations need an information infrastructure that allows them to make accurate decisions in real time and to make customer satisfaction a top priority, while still remaining competitive and profitable.

To handle these challenges, manufacturers, distributors and retailers are turning to new, advanced planning and scheduling techniques that generate optimized executable plans in response to rapid changes in supply or demand. Huge amounts of data drive these planning and scheduling processes. Much of it comes from the organization itself, but other data comes from outside the organization — from suppliers, partners, transporters and customers. WHIZTEC Demand Planning/Forecasting is a set of algorithms that run on the data to provide accurate forecasting of supply-demand fluctuations.

Using Demand Planning/Forecasting, our customers can:

  • Perform collaborative forecasting using data from multiple sources and store it in a common web based repository so planners from marketing, sales, logistics, and even third-party vendors and suppliers can work together on a consensus forecast.
  • Manage product life cycles
  • Plan promotions
  • Forecast new product demand

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