Human Capital Management

WHIZTEC Human Capital Management (HCM) offers comprehensive human resource management capabilities, from workforce management to compensation and talent management. Extensive business process automation and rich self-service enables organizations to free up their HR teams to perform value-added services while reducing operational costs. WHIZTEC HCM Streamlines and integrates essential workforce processes such as employee administration, document management, organizational management, time and attendance management, leave and travel management, benefits, payroll, Employee Gratuity Fund (EPF) calculations and legal reporting (WHIZTEC HCM Supports the legal reporting requirements of several countries eg: Wage Protection System (WPS) and Salary Information File (SIF) in the UAE). WHIZTEC HCM enables you to put the right people in the right jobs, develop and reward top performers, retain key talent for the long term, and increase efficiency and operating performance throughout your organization.

WHIZTEC HCM Key Benefits:

  • Streamline your HR systems, business processes, and technologies to reduce operational costs. WHIZTEC HCM provides a rapid return on investment—through reduced operational costs and increased efficiency — by connecting people to delivered business processes, automating common administrative tasks, and leveraging industry best practices.
  • Deploy employee and manager self-service to facilitate increased efficiencies, reduced costs, and a paperless environment. WHIZTEC HCM self-service applications deploy secure, role-based information and transactions across your enterprise.
  • Align your workforce with corporate goals and objectives. Leverage your entire workforce to drive organizational performance through workforce analytics and organizational development applications that cultivate learning and manage performance.

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