Procurement/Purchase Management

WHIZTEC Procurement/Purchase Management solution can help you reduce purchase prices and procurement costs through accurate, up-to-date information, streamlined processes, and improved supply chain collaboration. Coupled with purchase requisitions and stock reservations, WHIZTEC paperless procurement regulates and streamlines every step as requests pass through entry, approvals, sourcing and transmission to suppliers. Enhanced review and tracking of purchases created directly from work orders ensure that no project will be compromised because of material delay.

WHIZTEC web based Procurement/Purchase Management Solution supports self-service requisitions, purchase order creation from requisitions, per line shipment schedules and details, item cost assignment for account/department/business unit/project, blanket purchase orders/release orders/limited value purchase order, invoicing and receiving, vendor evaluation, vendor entry, and analytics on purchase orders, receipts, vendor activity, and purchases.

The key benefits for WHIZTEC Procurement/Purchase Management solution customers are: