Yard Management

WHIZeCargo Yard Management Software (YMS) maximizes yard and warehouse efficiency by managing the flow of goods coming in and out of your yard. Use this solution to plan, execute, track and audit all incoming and outgoing loads. With YMS, you get visibility into inventory sitting in trailers and are better able to manage, schedule, and record the arrival, placement, location, and status of trailers, trucks, containers, and their content. Intelligent, system-directed task management lets warehouse personnel know what trailers need to be moved, their location in the yard, their destination location, and which yard jockeys are available to do the job. Work tasks can be matched with available trailers, and inventory can be replenished correctly using FIFO methodology.


  • Interfaces with Appointment Scheduling to dynamically schedule shipments based on shipment type, load configuration, labor requirements, dock capacity and warehouse capacity
  • Provides visibility into inbound and outbound transportation
  • Provides guard check-in and check-out functionality to ensure efficient appointment management and to maintain security
  • Graphically identifies all trailers and other assets in the yard and their exact locations in real time
  • Tracks task completion information so you can perform inquiries, run reports and review real-time information
  • Identifies and expedites critical loads
  • Synchronizes yard and dock door operations
  • Allows carriers to self-schedule shipments without time-consuming, error-prone communications by email, phone or fax
  • Provides full inbound and outbound visibility and security, while enabling maximum productivity and throughput
  • Ensures efficient management of appointments to reduce load and unload wait time and delays
  • Provides real-time asset management capabilities in the yard so that you know where your goods are located
  • Organizes the timely arrival of loads and ensures that trailers unload at the right dock door at the right time
  • Enables use of yard inventory to satisfy orders even before the formal receiving process begins at the dock door

Key Benefits:

  • Gain visibility into trailer inventory
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve control and security
  • Improve dock door scheduling
  • Reduce trailer costs and detention charges

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