ERP Solution for Ship Owners

Some of the features of web based ERP Solution for Ship Owners are:

  • Personnel Management --- this module takes care of recording and reporting related to staff details, staff recreation, crew list, payroll, leave details etc. System provides onboard crew management of bio data, certificate renewal and onboard payroll. Necessary interface will be provided for financial accounting integration. This module includes self service and recruitment portal.
  • Inventory Management --- through this module purchase and stock of onboard spares and other items can be controlled. Necessary interface will be provided for financial accounting integration. System provides inventory control of all materials and life saving appliances on board and store. System also controls items related to vessel supply, integrated with central purchasing, logistics and online purchase management system.
  • Repair & Maintenance Management --- this module is for the recording of deck repairs, engine repairs, and electronics/ navigational aids repairs and their spares. A planned maintenance system contains some of the most vital information to a ship's working crew and management for reducing off-hire and maintaining the value of vessels. The maintenance module allows the user to attach the images/pictures of the problem area and spare parts.
  • Communication Management --- this is used to send and receive general notices to the software users, Instructions and notifications from and to office, and instructions to master. System allows the offline replication of data between ship and shore using an online data synchronisation facility.
  • Document Management --- this module gives interface for entering and printing of different forms such as arrival/departure forms, shipboard forms, ISM forms, log books. helping officers, designated persons and management to record incidents and non-conformities and to ensure that required corrective actions are implemented. This module also takes care of various certificates, and their renewals.
  • Event Management --- The system is designed to help ship management to report accidents, near accidents and non conformities, log guarantee claims, follow up consequences & vetting reports, and execute and report remedial actions
  • Cargo Management --- This module automates all the processes from booking to invoicing including tally sheet generation, manifests and disbrsement accounting.
  • Financials --- This module takes care of cash, bank, accounts receivables, accounts payables, fixed assets and financial reports.

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